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Celebrate Coastal Living with Dressing of the Palms at Vilano Beach

Dressing of the Palms at Vilano Beach

ss-vilano-beach-dressing-of-the-palmsVilano Beach has been recently revitalized with a new Town Center, that includes a charming shopping center just blocks from the beach. New renovations have been underway for several other businesses along the coastline, near the the new Town Center. To honor of the revitalization of Vilano Beach, Vilano Beach resident and graphic artist, Linda Arnold wanted a way to celebrate. Across the First Coast, are a myraid of holiday light displays, boating parades, and other holiday events. Vilano needed to find a way to capture the fun, whimsy, and capture the hearts of not only residents, but outside visitors. Dressing of the Palms started two years ago to do just this.

Celebrate Coastal Living by Embracing Community

Palm trees were adopted by local businesses, charities, and organizations to help bring awareness and celebrate community pride. Of course the cash prize for winning is always a bonus. The deadline for palm tree decoration was Saturday, November 10th. Of course I had to come by and enjoy the festivities. The trees will stay decorated until January 31st, so you have plenty of time to see them, but because the weather is sure to fade, or alter some of the displays, I highly recommend coming to check them out as soon as possible.

The Winning Trees

salt-water-cowboys-dressing-of-the-palms-winnerWhile there were many great trees showcased by the Vilano Beach community, I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with the winners of this year’s competition. Read more about judging of Dressing of the Palms at Vilano Beach

First Place went to S.S. Vilano — Modern Building Solutions (Bruce had a good eye for this one)

Second Place was Shrimp Boats Are a Coming, There’s Dancing Tonight — Creekside Dinery and Saltwater Cowboys

Third Place went to The Tin Man, “Follow the Vilano Brick Road” — Magic Beach Motel and OceanView Lodge

Special Merit Award

What I Wish for People with Leukemia — Mrs. Howatt’s Ketterlinus Elementary Third Grade Class. (Individual notes by students on cards laminated and posted on the tree for closer reading.)

tin-man-dressing-of-the-palms-2012Honorable Mention

1. I love My Vilano Beach Publix — Publix Store 1231

2. Peacock — The Adyton Group

3. Down by the Seashore — Aldrich and Ciesla Families

4. Octopus’s Garden — Haley’s Court

View all the Dressing of the Palms Trees from Vilano Beach


Thank you for reading… Celebrate Coastal Living with Dressing of the Palms at Vilano Beach

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